Meet Our Wedding Party

Maid of Honor: Gabrielle Gombos
Gabby is my older sister and has been my best friend since day one. She’s my go to person to laugh with, vent to, and do anything with. She has been a role model for me from the beginning and I can always count on her. Whenever I need anything I know I have Gabby there for me, always. I am so excited to have her by my side on our big day!

Bridesmaid: Nicole Gombos
Nikki is my only girl cousin and practically my second sister. Nikki and I have always been so close since we were little spending time in Ocean City together, to lemonade stands in her neighborhood, to now being neighbors in Arlington. I am so lucky to live close to Nikki now here in Virginia, because I am able to see her much more often which is the best! 


Bridesmaid: Alyssa Albino
Alyssa is Casey’s second youngest sister and we have grown closer and closer since Casey and I have been together. I can always count on Alyssa for a laugh and know she has my back always. I admire Alyssa drive to work hard in school and life in generally and know she is going to be so successful in her future. I am so lucky that I am going to have her as another sister soon!


Bridesmaid: Ava Albino
Ava is Casey’s youngest sister and is always a blast to hangout with.  Her laugh is infectious and it’s hard to ever find her without a big smile on her face. Ava is also our number one baby sitter for our dog Opie and we are so grateful that she loves him as much as we do! I can’t wait to call Ava my little sister soon too! 

Best Man: Conner Albino

Conner is my younger brother who I have pretty much done it all with. Through the countless battles as we grew up, Conner has been there through it all and was always my best friend. A younger brother usually looks up to their older brother for guidance but as Conner has gotten older I have been amazed, time and time again, at the person he has become and have definitely caught myself seeking his advice and help. There is nobody else I can imagine standing by my side as my best man on Hannah and I’s big day. 

Groomsman: Luke Snedeker

Luke is my cousin and someone I will always have a close relationship with. Luke can most easily be described as my “mini-me” and is one of my best friends. Luke and I started as a student-teacher type of bond, but that quickly grew into a very competitive one as we grew up. Playing soccer and video games, basically our entire lives, has helped fuel a life-long relationship that will never go away. Luke is another guy who I am pumped to have by my side for my wedding!


Groomsman: Joey Snedeker

Joey is Luke’s older brother and was another piece to Conner, Luke, and I’s main squad growing up. Joey and I share a special bond, being that we are the two older brothers and will always have the upper hand on Luke and Conner. Joey and I have shared countless memories and were lucky enough to share several years playing high school soccer together. 


Groomsman: Michael Gombos

Michael is Hannah’s younger brother who I have grown closer and closer to as Hannah and I have been together. Michael is one of the most honest and caring guys I have ever met. Michael is someone with a huge heart and I know always has other people’s best interests at the front of his mind. I’m excited for Michael to apart of Hannah and I’s big day and can’t wait for the countless memories we are going to create as future brothers.